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not only injured the king, but also all people were delivered to Egeus the eunuch: Esther also and princes that are in all the provinces of king among the rest of the maidens was delivered to Assuerus. him to be kept in the number of the women. 9 And she pleased him, and found favour in his sight. And he commanded the eunuch to hasten the women's ornaments, and to deliver to her her part, and seven of the most beautiful maidens of the king's house, and to adorn and deck out both her and her waiting-maids.

10 And she would not tell him her people nor her country. For Mardochai had charged her to say nothing at all of that:

11 And he walked every day before the court of the house, in which the chosen virgins were kept, having a care for Esther's welfare, and desiring to know what would befall her.

17 For this deed of the Queen will go abroad to all women, so that they will despise their husbands, and will say: King Assuerus commanded that queen Vasthi should come in to him, and she would not.

18 And by this example all the wives of the princes of the Persians and the Medes will slight the commandments of their husbands: wherefore the king's indignation is just.

19 If it please thee, let an edict go out from thy presence, and let it be written according to the law of the Persians and of the Medes, which must not be altered, that Vasthi come in no more to the king, but another, that is better than her, be made queen in her place.

20 And let this be published through all the provinces of thy empire (which is very wide) and let all wives, as well of the greater as of the lesser, give honour to their husbands.

21 His counsel pleased the king, and the princes: and the king did according to the counsel of Mamuchan.

22 And he sent letters to all the provinces of his kingdom, as every nation could hear and read, in divers languages and characters, that the husbands should be rulers and masters in their houses: and that this should be published to every people.

14 And she that went in at evening, came out in the morning, and from thence she was conducted to the second house, that was under the hand of Susagaz the eunuch, who had the charge over the king's concubines: neither could she return any more to the king, unless the king desired it, and had ordered her by name to come. 15 And as the time came orderly about, the day was at hand, when Esther, the daughter of Abihail the brother of Mardochai, whom he had adopted for his daughter, was to go in to the king. But she sought not women's ornaments, but whatsoever Egeus the cunuch the keeper of the virgins had a mind, he gave her to adorn her. For she was exceeding fair, and her incredible beauty made her appear agreeable and amiable in the eyes of all.

16 So she was brought to the chamber of king Assuerus the tenth month, which is called Tebeth, in the seventh year of his reign.

17 And the king loved her more than all the women, and she had favour and kindness before

4 And whosoever among them all shall please the king's eyes, let her be queen instead of Vasthi. | him above all the women, and he set the royal The word pleased the king: and he commanded crown on her head, and made her queen instead it should be done as they had suggested. of Vasthi.

5 There was a man in the city of Susan, a Jew, named Mardochai, "the son of Jair, the son of Semei, the son of Cis, of the race of Jemini, 6 Who had been carried away from Jerusalem at the time that Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon carried away Jechonias king of Juda,

7 And he had brought up his brother's daughter Edissa, who by another name was called Esther: now she had lost both her parents: and was exceeding fair and beautiful. And her father and mother being dead, Mardochai adopted her for his daughter.

8 And when the king's ordinance was noised abroad, and according to his commandment many beautiful virgins were brought to Susan, and Infra, 11. 2.b 4 Kin. 24. 15. Infra, 11. 4.- A. M. 3465.--A. M. 3190. A. C. 514.

CHAP. II. Esther is advanced to be queen. Mardochai detecteth a plot against the king.

12 Now when every virgin's turn came to go in to the king, after all had been done for setting them off to advantage, it was the twelfth month: so that for six months they were anointed with oil of myrrh, and for other six months they used certain perfumes and sweet spices.

13 And when they were going in to the king, whatsoever they asked to adorn themselves they received: and being decked out,as it pleased them, they passed from the chamber of the women to the king's chamber.


FTER this, when the wrath of king Assuerus was appeased, he remembered Vasthi, and what she had done and what she had suffered: 2 And the king's servants and his officers said: Let young women be sought for the king, virgins and beautiful,

3 And let some persons be sent through all the provinces to look for beautiful maidens and virgins: and let them bring them to the city of Susan, and put them into the house of the women under the hand of Egeus the eunuch, who is the overseer and keeper of the king's women: and let them receive women's ornaments, and other things necessary for their use.

18 And le commanded a magnificent feast to be prepared for all the princes, and for his servants, for the marriage and wedding of Esther. And he gave rest to all the provinces, and bestowed gifts according to princely magnificence. 19 And when the virgins were sought the second time and gathered together, Mardochai stayed at the king's gate,

20 Neither had Esther as yet declared her country, and people, according to his commandment. For whatsoever he commanded, Esther observed: and she did all things in the same manner as she was wont at that time when he brought her up a little one.

21 At that time therefore, when Mardochai abode at the king's gate, Bagathan and Thares, two of the king's eunuchs, who were porters.

and presided in the first entry of the palace, same month and they wrote, as Aman had were angry and they designed to rise up commanded, to all the king's lieutenants, and against the king, and to kill him. to the judges of the provinces, and of divers na22 And Mardochai had notice of it, and im- tions, as every nation could read, and hear acmediately he told it to queen Esther and she cording to their different languages, in the name to the king in Mardochai's name, who had re- of king Assuerus: and the letters sealed with ported the thing unto her. his ring

23 It was inquired into, and found out and they were both hanged on a gibbet. And it was put in the histories, and recorded in the chronicles before the king.

CHAP. III. Aman advanced by the king, is offended at Mardochai, and therefore procureth the king's decree to destroy the whole nation of the Jews.

these that

vanced Aman the son of Amadathi, who was of the race of Agag: and he set his throne above all the princes that were with him.

2 And all the king's servants, that were at the doors of the palace, bent their knees, and worshipped Aman: for so the emperor had commanded them, only Mardochai did not bend his knee, nor worship him.

13 Were sent by the king's messengers to all provinces, to kill and destroy all the Jews, both young and old, little children, and women, in one day, that is, on the thirteenth of the twelfth month, which is called Adar, and to make a spoil of their goods.

14 And the contents of the letters were to this effect, that all provinces might know, and be

10 And the king took the ring that he used, from his own hand, and gave it to Aman the son of Amadathi of the race of Agag, the enemy of the Jews,

3 And the king's servants that were chief at the doors of the palace, said to him: Why dost thou alone not observe the king's commandment? 4 And when they were saying this often, and he would not hearken to them, they told Aman, desirous to know whether he would continue in his resolution: for he had told them that he was a Jew.

5 Now when Aman had heard this, and had proved by experience that Mardochai did not bend his knee to him, nor worship him, he was exceedingly angry.

6 And he counted it as nothing to lay his hands upon Mardochai alone: for he had heard that he was of the nation of the Jews, and he chose rather to destroy all the nation of the Jews that were in the kingdom of Assuerus.

7 In the first month (which is called Nisan) in
the twelfth year of the reign of Assuerus, the
lot was cast into an urn, which in Hebrew is
called Phur, before Aman, on what and what
month the nation of the Jews should be destroy- to learn of him why he did this.
ed and there came out the twelfth month
which is called Adar.

11 And he said to him: As to the money which thou promisest, keep it for thyself: and as to the people do with them as seemeth good to thee.

15 The couriers that were sent made haste to fulfil the king's commandment. And immediately the edict was hung up in Susan, the king and Aman feasting together, and all the Jews that were in the city weeping. CHAP. IV.

6 And Athach going out went to Mardochai, who was standing in the street of the city, before the palace-gate:

8 And Aman said to king Assuerus: There is a people scattered through all the provinces of thy kingdom, and separated one from another, that use new laws and ceremonies, and moreover despise the king's ordinances: and thou knowest very well that it is not expedient for thy king- 8 He gave him also a copy of the edict which dom that they should grow insolent by impunity. was hanging up in Susan, that he should shew 9 If it please thee, decree that they may be de-it to the queen, and admonish her to go in to stroyed, and I will pay ten thousand talents to the king, and to entreat him for her people. thy treasurers.

7 And Mardochai told him all that had happened, how Aman had promised, to pay money into the king's treasures to have the Jews destroyed.

9 And Athach went back and told Esther all that Mardochai had said.

10 She answered him, and bade him say to Mardochai:

11 All the king's servants, and all the provinces that are under his dominion, know, that whosoever, whether man or woman, cometh into the king's inner court, who is not called for, is immediately to be put to death without any delay: except the king shall hold out the golden sceptre to him, in token of clemency, that so he may live. How then can I go in to the king,

12 And the king's scribes were called in the first month Nisan, on the thirteenth day of the

A. M .194. A. C. 510. A. M. 3495.


Mardochai desireth Esther to petition the king for the
Jews. They join in fasting and prayer.
when Mardochai had heard these
things, he rent his garments, and put on
sack-cloth, strewing ashes on his head: and he
cried with a loud voice in the street in the midst
of the city, shewing the anguish of his mind.
2 And he came lamenting in this manner even
to the gate of the palace: for no one clothed
with sack-cloth might enter the king's court.
3 And in all provinces, towns, and places, to
which the king's cruel edict was come, there
was great mourning among the Jews, with fast-
ing, wailing, and weeping, many using sack-
cloth and ashes for their bed.

4 Then Esther's maids and her eunuchs went in, and told her. And when she heard it she was in a consternation: and she sent a garment, to clothe him, and to take away the sack-cloth: but he would not receive it.

5 And she called for Athach the eunuch, whom the king had appointed to attend upon her, and she commanded him to go to Mardochai, and

who for these thirty days now have not been move from the place where he sat, he was excalled unto him? ceedingly angry:

12 And when Mardochai had heard this, 13 He sent word to Esther again, saying: Think not that thou mayest save thy life only, because thou art in the king's house, more than all the Jews:

10 But dissembling his anger, and returning into his house, he called together to him his friends, and Zares his wife:

11 And he declared to them the greatness of his riches, and the multitude of his children, and with how great glory the king had advanced him above all his princes and servants.

12 And after this he said: Queen Esther also hath invited no other to the banquet with the king, but me: and with her I am also to dine to-morrow with the king.

14 For if thou wilt now hold thy peace, the Jews shall be delivered by some other occasion: and thou, and thy father's house shall perish. And who knoweth whether thou art not therefore come to the kingdom, that thou mightest be ready in such a time as this?

15 And again Esther sent to Mardochai in these words:

16 Go, and gather together all the Jews whom thou shalt find in Susan, and pray ye for me. Neither eat, nor drink for three days and three nights: and I with my handmaids will fast in like manner, and then I will go in to the king, against the law, not being called, and expose myself to death and to danger. 17 So Mardochai went, and did all that Esther had commanded him.

Esther is graciously received: she inviteth the king and
Aman to dinner. Aman prepareth a gibbet for Mar-



ND on the third day Esther put on her royal apparel, and stood in the inner court of the king's house, over-against the king's hall: now he sat upon his throne in the hall of the palace, over-against the door of the house. 2 And when he saw Esther the queen stand-2 ing, she pleased his eyes, and he held out toward her the golden sceptre, which he held in his nand: and she drew near, and kissed the top of

13 And whereas I have all these things, I think I have nothing, so long as I see Mardochai the Jew sitting before the king's gate.

14 Then Zares his wife, and the rest of his friends answered him: Order a great beam to be prepared, fifty cubits high, and in the morning speak to the king, that Mardochai may be hanged upon it, and so thou shalt go full of joy with the king to the banquet. The counsel pleased him, and he commanded a high gibbet to be prepared.

nis sceptre.

3 And the king said to her: What wilt thou, queen Esther? what is thy request? if thou shouldst even ask one half of the kingdom,


shall be given to thee.

4 But she answered: If it please the king, beseech thee to come to me this day, and Aman with thee to the banquet which I have prepared. 5 And the king said forthwith: Call ye Aman quickly, that he may obey Esther's will. So the king and Aman came to the banquet which the queen had prepared for them.

6 And the king said to her, after he had drunk wine plentifully: What dost thou desire should be given thee? and for what thing askest thou? although thou shouldst ask the half of my kingdom, thou shalt have it.

7 And Esther answered: My petition and request is this:

8 If I have found favour in the king's sight, and if it please the king to give me what I ask, and to fulfil my petition: let the king and Aman come to the banquet which I have prepared them, and to-morrow I will open my mind to the king. 9 So Aman went out that day joy ful and merry. And when he saw Mardochai sitting before the gate of the palace, and that he not only did not rise up to honour him, but did not so much as

A. M. 3495.- A. M. 3495.

Ch. 6. v. 3. No reward at all. He received some presents from the king, chap. 12. 5.; but these were so inconsiderable in the opinion of the courtiers, that they esteemned them as nothing at all.


HAT night the king passed without sleep, and he commanded the histories and chronicles of former times to be brought him. And when they were reading them before him,

They came to that place where it was written, how Mardochai had discovered the treason of Bagathan and Thares the eunuchs, who sought to kill king Assuerus.

3 And when the king heard this, he said: What honour and reward hath Mardochai received for


this fidelity? His servants and ministers said to
him: He hath received no reward at all.
4 And the king said immediately: Who is in
the court? for Aman was coming in to the
inner court of the king's house, to speak to the
king, that he might order Mardochai to be hanged
upon the gibbet which was prepared for him.
5 The servants answered: Aman standeth in
the court. And the king said: Let him come in.
6 And when he was come in, he said to him:
What ought to be done to the man whom the
king is desirous to honour? But Aman think-
ing in his heart, and supposing that the king
would honour no other but himself,

7 Answered: The man whom the king desireth to honour,


The king hearing of the good service done him by Mar dochai, commandeth Aman to honour him next to the king, which he performeth.

8 Ought to be clothed with the king's apparel, and to be set upon the horse that the king rideth upon, and to have the royal crown upon his head, 9 And let the first of the king's princes and nobles hold his horse, and going through the Thus shall he be honoured, whom the king hath street of the city, proclaim before him and say. a mind to honour.

10 And the king said to him: Make haste and take the robe and the horse, and do as thou hast spoken to Mardochai the Jew, who sitteth before the gates of the palace. Beware thou pass over any of those things which thou hast spoken. 11 So Aman took the robe and the horse, and arraying Mardochai in the street of the city, and

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