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Entered according to the act of Congress, in the year 1836, by Charles G OLMSTED, in the clerk's office of the district court for the district of Kentucky





While writing this book, I imagined some christian at my side whom I addressed in the second person whenever it suited my convenience.

For the purpose of avoiding tedious explanations or the use of words imlying condition, I have, in many instances, treated of facts as being established, intending to be understood as merely asserting that they were alleged by the writers, whose books were under review. For the same reason I have called certain books of the Bible after the names of their reputed authors, notwithstanding my previous denial of their genuineness.

My anxiety, that the Chapter on the Prophecies should be understood, induces me to request the reader, on his first perusal, to examine those verses only, of the chapters which have been quoted entire, to which his attention is particularly invited. Had I quoted but these verses, I should have been accused of garbling. It is well known with what reluctance we lay down one book to take up another, to which reference is made. Not one in a hundred of our citizens has ever read those books that are called prophetical, with a view of understanding them. I am more than anxious that they should be read, and their true character understood. Influenced by these considerations, I have made copious extracts from some of them.

Let me also request the reader to become familiar with the characters and histories of those individuals whose names are found in this chapter, for he never will be able to understand and appreciate the argument, unless the character and history of each be intimately associated with the name. I ask nothing of the reader which I have not given him the means of acquiring. The propriety of this request was evinced to me a few days since.In a conversation with a gentlemen, who has, and deservedly, a distinguished reputation for talents and learning, he confessed to me that he did not

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