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Zeal and of Charity; Their Conftan cy and Fervency in Prayer, and all their other Actions and Demeanour, which are now wont to be Charged with the Imputations of Pretence and Singularity, fhall then be clear'd up, and their Outward Actions and Appearances will be plainly found to have been the True Representations; and Effects of Real, Inward Goodnefs. Therefore at Prefent, their Proper Business is a Patient waiting for the Time, when these Blemishes fhall be taken off, and the Man, who was Truly Good, fhall Undeniably appear to have been So.

Because we are exhorted to Beware of Wolves coming in Sheeps clothing, Therefore in fome Mens Candid way of Thinking, every one, who Appears to be Good, muft be concluded to be Evil. There are Perfons in the World fo Intirely Corrupted, that they are under an Ütter Indisposition and Aversion to Goodness; And this their Indif pofition makes them think, that all Evidences of Goodness in Others must be Coun

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Counterfeit, because they have no notion of Any Man's being Really fo very Good, as fome Men Appear to be. Hence it is, that Good men have fo many Severe Cenfures paffed upon Them. But, in the Laft Judgment, all these Points will be Adjusted by the All-Seeing God, who hath all along Observed and Approved his Faithful Servants in Secret, and fhail Then Juftify, and Reward them Openly. And how can we conceive this to be done, without a Particular Manifeftation of that Real Goodness, which had all along Be→ fore been Mifreprefented and Traduced?

Welcome the Day, when this Hard Fate fhall be Finally Superfeded and Over-ruled; when the Beauties of that Innocence, which Before had been Condemned or Suspected, shall be made Manifest as the Light: And Bleffed the Man, whofe Cafe will bear fo Full a Light, as it muft Then Appear in; who, after all the Discoveries which Omnifscience it felf can make, fhall be Crowned with S


Approbation, and Honour, and Eternal


To God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghoft, be all Honour, Praife, and Thanksgiving, both Now, and for Evermore.



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A Faft Sermon.


The Lord hall make the Peftilence
cleave unto thee, until he have confum-
ed thee-

UCH are our Prefent Apprehen-
fions, and fuch Cause have we to

be very Apprehenfive, of That great Evil, which is here denounced, that the Sound of the Words in the Text may well make both the ears of every one that heareth it to tingle. The Danger of this Severe Judgment, which we dread, is not very far from us; And the Reasons, which, in Respect of Religion, we have of dreading it, too Nearly S 2


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concern us: For it cannot be Denied, and ought, with all poffible Humility, to be Confeffed, that it would be Juft in God, to bring Evil upon us, even the year of our Vifitation.

Ought we not therefore to be Serious and Thoughtful, Studious and Sollicitous, Impartial and Particular, in Confidering and Applying the Reafons of God's Inflicting the Punishment here Denounced? And These are obfervable from the 15th ver. It shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to obferve to do all his 'Commandments and his Statutes, which I command thee this day; that all these curfes fhall come upon thee; And to This is fubjoyned an Enumeration of the Various Curfes, including That in the Text, which their Difobedience would Infallibly bring upon them, and which their Obedience would effectually Pre


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Under this Relation of the Text to the Context, the Subject and the Occafion of this Difcourfe do require our


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