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existence, will continue his reign long after I am out of the memory of every one. It is enough if I reign with him, or am one in the retinue in which he will be glorified.".

"This reminds us that we must shortly put off our tabernacle, and if we have put on the Lord Jesus, the sooner the better. I trust this is now become our case. The evidence of it keeps me unmoved by storms and unshaken by tempests, though the awful falls of my neighbors jar me; and I cannot hear of them without being deeply affected. O how dreadful is it to know the evil of sin by experience, after we have made a most glaring profession that we know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Merciful Savior never suffer me to fall into that horrible pit. If I must look into it, hold me up in thy everlasting neverfailing arms, and I shall be safe. The promise is sure; I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. But in order to its accomplishment, the precept must be attended to, watch thou.in all things. O that I may never be unwatchful, till the enemies which assault me now shall assault me no more for ever. Then will be the time to put off the harrass; and the pain of vigilance, will be exchanged for the joy of rest."

"There is a deal in this state of mortality to make us desire the change, but this desire should be regulated by a submission to the divine will. Sinful selfishness often pushes us towards heaven, rather than a growing heavenly frame; and if we desire it rather as a convenience than for the sake of conformity to our blessed Savior, the desire is itself sinful. We are not better than our fathers who passed through the same evil world, and found it the same as we do. Our duty is in patience to possess our soul and to endeavor to bear with a Christ-like temper whatever comes upon us, till we are ripened and prepared for that glorious estate where our happiness will spring from our holiness, and we shall be made perfect in love."

"At present, blessed be God, there is nothing in the world that charms me but what I shall enjoy to infinite perfection in the world of spirits."

"Why should we fear. The grave is not to be a prison-house but a bed-chamber. We shall not be thrown into it as criminals, but kindly conducted to it as friends-there our toil will be at an end, our conflicts will cease for ever; endless joy will take place of transient

sorrow, and an eternal weight of glory be the substitute for the afflictions of a moment.'

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"Here I am like a ship at anchor in a windbound condition, longing to sail to the haven

of eternal rest.

behold his face.

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I now find him the shadow of

a great rock for refuge, and as rivers of water

for refreshment.

I have peace and quietness now; and assurance for ever in that which he calls me to possess.

-So SPOKE Aspasio firm possest,

Of faith's supporting rod;

Then breathed his soul into its rest,

The bosom of his God.

He was a man among the few,

Sincere on virtue's side;

And all his strength from scripture drew,

To hourly use apply'd.

That rule he priz'd, by that he fear'd,
He hated, hop'd and lov'd;
Nor ever frown'd, nor sad appear'd,

But when his heart had rov'd.

For he was frail as thou or I,

And evil felt within;

But when he felt it, heav'd a sigh,

And loath'd the thought of sin.


SUCH LIV'D Aspasio; and at last, Call'd up from earth to heaven;" The gulph of death triumphant pass'd By gales of blessings driven."

His Joys be mine each reader cries,

When my last hour arrives;

They shall be your's, my verse replies, Such only be your lives.





THROUGH all the preceding pages reflections have mingled with facts, and the perusal of the whole narrative, will it is hoped, make some useful impressions. Yet knowing that people are generally more disposed to indulge their curiosity, than to aid their improvement, and that there is nothing, to which they are so indifferent as the application of what they either hear or read to themselves; it may not be improper to bring together in a distinct form, some additional remarks of practical -utility.

First. What improbable and marvellous changes often take place in the conditions of mankind. Many have reached an eminence towards which, at one period of their lives they could not have aspired. Had the important vicissitudes through which they have passed, been previously foretold, they would have replied

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