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opportunities were given for discursive speculations upon political and religious questions of the very highest character. To this latter charge he readily pleads guilty, having ever been unwilling to interfere in the creeds of others; but with regard to the former he trusts that his more sober and less imaginative readers, aware how easy it is to embellish and exaggerate for the excitement of wonder, will give him credit for confining himself to a record of those scenes and events alone which came immediately under his eye and which stood in the most simple objective relation to his mind. He has, indeed, purposely avoided giving the colouring of his own opinions and impressions to what he has described, wishing rather to be only a passive instrument in conveying an exact transcript of what he saw, to the mind of the reader. The work, on these accounts, will be found to be for the most part of a topographical character, the different localities being considered, sometimes in reference to their former state, sometimes to their capabilities for the future, and occasionally, to the mention of them in the Scriptures.

The volumes on Palestine and Syria are first published, in deference to the deep interest that must ever attach to countries so closely connected with the history of our religion.

PARIS, August, 1836, 40, rue St. Lazare.




The following are the abbreviations made use of : P. Palestine ; — S. Syria : -


can. canton; - c. city; con. convent;
mt. mount; - mn. mountain; - pl.
province; - r. river; - t. town;

- dist. district; fn. fountain;
plain; prom. promontory; ·
val. valley; — vil. village.




Amyoun, vil. S. 65.

Anani, tent vil. S. 233.

Anathoth, t. P. 35.

Aaere, vil. S. 402.

Aal (el) Eleale? ruins of, S. 224.
Aatyl, vil. S. 182.
Aawadj, r. S. 149.

Abarim, mountains of, S. 224.
Abil (Abila), ruins, S. 250.
Abilene, canton of, P. 8; S. 142.
vale of, P. 254.
Abou-Ali, r. its sources, S. 89.
-Naszer, tomb of, S. 84.
Absalom, pillar of, P. 137.
tomb of, P. 136.
Abylene, vil. P. 214.

Aceldama, or field of blood, P. 112.
Acre, t. P. 207, 255.

Admah, site of, P. 72.

Adonis (Nahr Ibrahim), r. S. 57, 84.

Aeneze, tribe, S. 277.
Afrin, r. S. 324.

Ainette, vil. S. 107.

Aleppo (Berria), S. 291 et seq.
Alexandria ad Issum, see Iskenderoun.
Amana (Beilan), mn. S. 323.
Amanus mt. S. 324.
Amman (Ammon), S. 201.

-magnificent ruins, ibid. et seq.
Ammonites, country of the, S. 200.
Amoas, vil. P. 32.

Annas, house of, P. 106.
Antaki (Antioch), t. S. 319 et seq.
Anthony (St.) con. of, S. 89.
Antioch, see Antaki.
Antipatris, site of, P. 198.

Antoura. con. S. 47.
Anzeyrys (the), S. 80.
Apameia, site of, S. 289.
Apollonia, site of, P. 198.
Aradus, island of, S. 82.
Arba, see Hebron.
Ard Aaszaf, pl. S. 404.

-el Beradjene, country of, S. 36.
el Zebdeni, dist. S. 130.
Arimathea, or Rama, see Ramla.
Arish (el) (Rhinoculura), vil. P. 25.
Armageddon, see Esdraelon.
Armenian convent at Jerusalem, P.

Arnon (Modjeb), r. S. 406.
Arsous, vil. S. 332.
Ashdod, t. P. 22.


Ashtaroth, see Mezareib.
Asia, see Marrah.
Askelon, ruins of, P. 23.
Athlete (Castel Pellegrino), t. P. 20?.
Awali (el), r. P. 286.
Ayn Aanab, vil. S. 34.

Besaba, vil. S. 35.
-el-Hye, fn. S. 81.
-el-Khowedj, fn. S. 64.
--el-Rahm, fn. P. 244,
Mourdouk, vil. S. 177.
Warka, con. and vil. S. 54.
Ayoun, ruins, S. 404.
Azotus, see Edzoud.

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Babyla (Babylas ?), vil. S. 348,
Bacchais, see el Ourdi.
Bagras, castle, S. 324.
Bahr Agoulé, lake, S. 325.

-Louth (Dead sea), P. 67 et seq.
Bahret-el-Merdj, lake, S. 134, 151.
Baiæ, harbour of, S. 330.
Baklous, con. S. 55.

Bancas (Balanea), site of, S. 82.
Baptist, St. John, con. of, P, 181.
Baroudj, vil. S. 130.

Barouk, vil. S. 31.
Barrada (Wady), val. S. 131.
Basha (el), vil. S. 56.
Bashan, see Batanæa.
Batanæa, can. P. 8; S. 142.
Batroun (Bostrys), t. S. 61.
Beatitudes, mt. of, P. 245.
Beersheba, site of, P. 164.
Beilan, town of, S. 325.
mountain of, S. 323.
Sou, r. S. 332.

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of Galilee, ibid.

Bethphage, P. 58.
Bethsaida, site of, P. 242.

Bethshan, or Scythopolis, see Bisan.
Betias Molias, con. ruins of, S. 348.
Bezetha, or Conopolis, P. 83.
Bezommar, con. S. 51.
Bir (Michmash), vil. P. 173.
Birket-el-Serai (pool of the palace,,

Cæsarea of Palestine, see Kaiserieh.
Philippi, see Paneas.
Caiaphas, house of, P. 107.
Caipha (Calamon), t. P. 203.
Calvary, hill of, P. 53, 91.
Cana (Keffer Kenna), vil. P. 247.
Canaan, the land of, P. 2.
why so called, P. 2.
Capernaum, site of, P. 241.
Caphor Selma, see Antipatris.
Carmel, mt. P. 204.
Casa Nova, con. P. 39.
Casius, mt. see Djebel Okrab.
Castel Pellegrino, t. P. 202.
Cedars of Lebanon, S. 99 et seq.
Chalus, r. see Kowick.
Chinnereth, see Genesareth,
Chorazin, site of, P. 242.
Chrysorrhoas, see Barrada.
Cities of the Talmud, P. 239.
Cole-Syria (Bekaa), val. S. 104.
Creed, where composed, P. 133.

P. 89:

Bisan (Bethshan, or Scythopolis), vil.

P. 229.

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Boghaz (Egypt), passage of the, P. 13.
Borech (el), fn. P. 277.

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Daphne, site of, S. 339, 415.

Dar-Djoun, residence of Lady H. Stan-
hope, P. 284.

David, castle of, P. 102.

tomb of, 107.
Dead sea P. 67 et seq.
Debora, vil, P. 222.
Decapolis, dist. S. 142.
Degle Spine, field called, P. 247.
Deir Aboud, building, S. 405.

Ali, vil. S. 150.
Aoun, vil. S. 51.
Beshara, vil. S. 47.
Dimetry, con. S. 68.
-el-Akhmar, vil. S. 107.
-el-Kammar, t. S. 22.
--el-Khalat, con. S. 8.
-el-Leben, vil. S. 169.
Keiftein, vil. S. 69.
Raye, vil. S. 148.
Serkis, con. S. 98.

Delicia Salomonæ, P. 161.
Dervishes, convent of, S. 84.
Dhami, vil. S. 170.
Didy, vil. S. 252.
Djadida, vil. S. 131.
Djebail (Byblus), t. S. 59.
ruins of, 60.

Djebel Adjeloun, dist. S. 397.
Akhomar, mn. S. 352,
Attarous (mt. Nebo), S. 224.
Djelaad (mt. Gilead), S. 232.
-es-Sheikh (mt. Hermon), P. 225
Gilbo (mt. Gilboa), P. 230.
Kafkava, mn. S. 242.
Kessoué, mn. S. 151.
Mane, mn. S. 150.
Okrab (mt. Casius), S. 347.
Osha (mt. Osha), S. 232.
Thor (mt. Thabor), P. 222.
Tor (mt. of Olives), P. 131.
Djedour, dist. S. 395.
Djenin (Jezreel), vil. P. 179.
Djeneine, vil. S. 398.
Djerash (Gerasa), t. S. 232.

Djezazi, vil. S. 232.
Djissr Dumar, bridge, S. 132.

--el-Hadeed, S. 318.
-el-Kadhi, S. 33.
--el-Souk, S. 131.
Maammiltein, S. 56.
Djob Djennein, vil. Ś. 31.
Djolan, dist. S. 395.
Djumi, pl. S. 81.

Dolorous Way, P. 90, 92.
Dora, site of, P. 202,

Douaire (Daphne?), vil. S. 341.

Draa (Edrei), vil. S. 196.
Druses, dist. of the, S. 8, 21.

Ezra (Zarava), S. 160 et seq.
Ezzoueit, dist. S. 397.

Ebal (mt.), P. 175.

Eden, site of, S. 392.
Edlip, vil. S. 290.

Edom, or Idumæa, S. 405.
Edrei (Draa), t. S. 196.
Edzoud (Azolus), vil. P. 22.
Ehden, vil. S. 86.

Ekron, site of, P. 23.
Elah, valley of, P. 37.
Eleale (el Aal), site of, S. 224.
Elisha, fn. of, P. 62.
Eleutherus, see Nahr-el-Kebir.

Faour, vil. S. 247.
Fetouch, dist. S. 57.

magnificent ruins, 233 et seq. Gethsemane, garden of, P. 128.

Ghab (el), val. S. 288.
Ghabarib, vil. S. 252.
Ghadiry, val. S. 35.
Ghadsir, vil. S. 56.
Ghouta, pl. S. 32.
Ghoutta (el), dist. S. 394.
Gihon, val. P. 109.

Gilboa (Djebel Gilbo), mt. P. 230.
Gilead (Djebel Djelaad), mt. S. 232.
Gomorrah, site of, P. 72.
Great Sea (Mediterranean), P. 30.


Fons signatus of Salomon, P. 163.
Fountain of the Apostles, P. 59.
Elisha, P. 62.
Virgin, P. 216.
Fursul, vil. (ruins), S. 125,

Gadara, see Om-Keiss.

Galilee, Upper and Lower, P. 7, 246.
Gath, site of, P. 25.
Gaulonitis, can. P. 8; S. 142.
Gaza, town of, P. 24.
(Wady), P. 24.

Gebala (Jebilee), vil. S. 82.
Gehenna, val. P. 111.
Genezareth (Tabaria), lake of, P. 232.
George (St.), tomb of. P. 189.
and the Dragon, S. 40.
Gerasa, see Djerash.
Gerizim, mt. P. 175.

Emesa, see Homs.

En-Dor, site of, P. 224.
En-Gedi, fn. P. 81.

En-Rogel (Pool of Siloam), P. 139.

Enydra, fn. S. 81.
Epiphaneia, see Hamah.
Errahha, vil. S. 492.
Esdraelon (Jezreel), plain of, P. 224.
Esserou, dist. S. 396.
Es Sharfe, con. S. 51.

Hadjar-el-Nassara, P. 244.
-el-Sakhrat, P. 96.
Haki (el), vil. S. 357.
Haleb-es-Shabha, see Aleppo.
Hamah (Epiphancia), S. 285.
Hammad (el), desert of, S. 403.
Hammam (el) (Emmans), hot sprin; s,

P. 234.

Hamman (el), encampment, S. 210.
Hantoura, con. S. 69.
Haouran, prov. S. 141 et seq.
Harât-el-Allam, street, P. 89.

-el-Nassara (quarter of the Chris-
tians), P. 43.

el-Yahoud (Jews' quarter), P.118.
Harissa, con. S. 50.

Hassiah, t. S. 280.

Hebran, or Kelab Hebran, vil. S. 402.
Hebras, vil. S. 250..

Hebron (Khalil), t. P. 163,
Heliopolis, see Baalbec.
Hermes Nieha, temple, S. 125.
Hermon (Djebel-es-Sheikh), mt. P. 223.
Hesban (Heshbon), ruins of, S. 223.
Hieromax, see Sheriat-el-Mandhour.

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