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church-rate for the repairs of the church. Headlam was unanimously called upon to
He said it was the duty of the parishioners preside.
to upbold that form of worship which was An address and a petition to the Queen
conformable to the most numerous class of were then agreed upon, having been pro-
the people, and be observed, that if none posed and seconded, respectively, by Arch-
but those belonging to the church were deacon Thorpe and the Rev. J. Dodd, and
called upon to pay for its support, that by Dr. Besly and Mr. Townsend.
building ceased then to belong to the The petition baving been signed, it was
public, and was private property.

resolved that it should be sent to the Arch-
ConvocaTION OF THE CLERGY IN YORK bishop of York for presentation to her Ma.
CATHEDRAL.-On Thursday, the 16th of jesty ; and after passing a vote of tbanks
November, a convocation of the bishops, to Archdeacon Headlam, for his able con-
archdeacons, and proctors of the clergy, duct in the chair, the meeting separated.
in the metropolitan province of York, It will be observed that this account of
convened under the mandate of the arch- the proceedings is imperfect, as there is
bishop, was held in the chapter-bouse of no space to print the potitions.
York catbedral. Such a meeting has not

SCOTLAND. been held during the last century. In proceeding to business, Archdeacon Head. RE-ELECTION OF The Right Hon. Sir lam proposed that the clergy in convocation R. PEEL, BART., M.P., As LORD RECTOR should present a loyal and dutiful address OF THE UNIVERSITY OF Glasgow.-(From to ber Majesty, on her accession to the the Glasgow Constitutional, Wednesday, throne.

Nov. 15.)_This being the statutory day The Archbisbop's commissioner (the

for the election of the Lord Rector of the Rev. C. Hawkins, Canon Residentiary) :- University, the Comitia assembled in the Not being in possession of the Queen's Common-ball at 10 o'clock. The Rev. writ, we cannot proceed to business. William Fleming, D.D., Vice-Rector,

Archdeacon Thorpe (Durbam) seconded having opened the proceedings with a the motion. He trusted that they were Latin prayer, Professor Meiklebam read pot brought togetber for mockery and de. the laws of election. The business prorision, but for council and deliberation ; ceeded more solito, and the result of the and therefore he maintained the right of election was announced by Professor the clergy in convocation to address or Meiklebam. On the return of the different petition their Sovereign.

nations, the following announcement was The Commissioner refused to put the made from the rostrum of the Great Hall motion, when the Rev. W. Barnes, vicar by Mr. Jobo Boyle (son of the Lord of Richmond, said they had been summoned Justice Clerk) :-“Quod felix faustumque by the archbishop to meet to discuss mea- sit.—Apud Collegium Glasguense, die sures for the security and defence of the decimo quinto mensis Novembris, anno church, and to give ibeir votes and advice millesimo octingentesimo tricesimo sepin favour of those things wbich appeared timo, vir Admodum Honorabilis Robertus conducive to that object, and to dissent Peel, Eques Baronetus, suffragiis omnium from those things which would militate nationum electus est Rector Magnificus against the church, or the public weal. hujus Universitatis in annum sequentem, He boped that they would proceed to Plaudite!” Sir Robert Peel bas thus been business.

re-elected Lord Rector by a majority in Dr. Besly moved that the rejection of all the nations. Lord John Russell, Sir the address be recorded on the minutes, John Campbell, and Dan. O'Connell, were wbich was seconded by the Rev. G.Towns- put in nomination by the wbig-radical end, but the president declined putting faction ; but, notwithstanding all ibeir prithis motion also.

vate canvassing and revolutionary spirit, Petitions were then presented to the they could only muster 44 votes out of Archbishop, praying that he would inter- 1,200 students. After three hearty cheers cede with the Queen, that she might issue for Sir Robert Peel, and the Peel Club, a licence, in order that the convocation the meeting broke up. might deliberate and advise upon all mat. Tbe foundation stone of the new buildters affecting the spiritual interests, rights, ings of Marischal College, Aberdeen, was privileges, and immunities, of the united laid, on the 25th of October, by the Duke church of England and Ireland, which of Richmond, and, besides the principals might be mooted in parliament.

of the college, the following noblemen were The convocation then closed, after wbich present at the ceremony :-The Earl of the members repaired to the Minster Lic Aberdeen, Earl' Batburst, Lord Saltoun, brary, and the Venerable Archdeacon Lord Cunningham, Hon. Captain Gordon,

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M.P.; Sir Michael Bruce, Bart., Mr. the number of students, but also because Bannerman, M.P., Sir A. Leith, Sir the number of fellow commoners bas been Thomas Burnett, Sir Jobn Forbes, Col. lately diminished, the gentry of Ireland Farquharson, &c. A grand banquet was being now content to enter their sons in the given in the evening at the County-rooms, rank of pensioners. No such arrangement wben the Duke of Richmond presided. as that described in the last sentence of the

foregoing paragraph has been adopted. IRELAND.

The income of a junior fellow depends (From a Correspondent.)-The following altogether on the number of students in paragraph was copied into the British the college, and the fees paid by each Magazine (October 1837, p. 477,) from an student for tuition have not been ** con. Irish newspaper :

veyed into the general treasury of the “ Trinity College, Dublin.-It is establishment,” but belong entirely to the resolved by the fellows of Trinity College tutors. to erect an extensive chapel in the square The IRISH COURCH.—The primate, in facing ihe entrance. This is become quite a circular to the other bishops, has re. necessary from the increased number of quested returns to the following queries protestant students; and already a part of from each of the parocbial clergy, bis ibe square has been thrown down, so that Grace being of opinion that accurate innew buildings will commence forthwith. formation on these points may be of great The junior fellows of Trinity College, importance to their interests :-" 1. What Dublin, now derive a salary of 8001. from is the name of your benefice ? 2. The the funds, instead of being individually gross amount of composition ! 3. Gross paid by the students who entered under amount payable by landlords ? 4. How them, these perquisites being now con- much of the above amount is paid without veyed to the general treasury of the estab. law proceedings? 5. Gross amount pay. lishment.”

able by occupiers? 6. How much of the These statements are erroneous ; the above amount is paid without law probuilding about to be erected in Trinityceedings ? 7. How many schools are College is not a chapel, but a museum and there in your parish under your superin. schools, with lecture rooms. The number tendence ? 8. State tbe number of chil of students has not increased of late, but, dren attending these schools. 9. State owing to the state of property in Ireland, the supposed number of children of the bas, if anything, diminished, and the in. lower orders in your parish of suitable age come of a junior fellow bas also decreased, for school." not only in consequence of the decrease in


The Authors of England. Royal 4to. 315. 6d.

Campbell's Poetical Works, illustrated edition.

8vo. 20s. boards. The Bench and the Bar. By the author of

" Random Recollections of the House of Commons," &c, 2 vols. post 8vo. 218. boards. The Life of Thomas Chatterton. By John Dix.

fc. 6s. cloth. Chemistry as Applied to the Fine Arts. 8vo.

7s. 6d. cloth.
Bowles' (Rev. W. L.) Scenes and Shadows of

Days Departed. fc. 75. cloth.
Barlee's Explanatory Version of the Epistles.

fc. 63. cloth.
Christ in the Wilderness. By the author of

“Elijah the Tishbite." Translated by M.

Geneste. 12mo. 2s, cloth.
The Temptation in the Wilderness. By T. W.

Krummacher, author of “Elijah the Tishbite."

18mo. 18. 6d. ck th.
Fletcher's Rudiments of Physiology. 8vo. 195.

Wilson on Medicated Vapour. 8vo. 6s. cloth.
Phillip's Syriac Grammar. 8vo. 10s, cloth.
Mayo on Digestion. post 8vo. 6s. 6d. cloth.'

Examination Papers for the Use of Theological

Students. 12mo. 3s. boards.
Biblical Cabinet. Vol. XX. (Tholuck on the

Sermon on the Mount. Vol. II.) fc. 6s. cloth,
Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopædia. Vol. XCIII.

(Literary Men of Spain, &c. Vol. III.) 68.

cloth. Patrick's (Dr.) Heart's Ease. 18mo. 38, 6d.

Ryall's Conservative Statesmen. Part VI. 1%.

India proofs. 218. sewed.
The Excitement ; or, a Book to induce Young

People to Read. For 1838. Edited by the
Rev. Robert Jamieson. 18mo. 43. 6d.

The Keepsake. For 1838. super royal 8vo.

21s. bound. Fisher's Landscape Souvenir. (Italy) 4to,

21s. bound. Fisher's County Views. (Derby, &c.) 4to. 21s.

bound. Chelsea Hospital and its Traditions. 3 vols.

post 8vo, 318. 6d. boards,
Literary Varie' ies; a Selection of Papers. By

W. M Kenzie. 12mo. 58. cloth.
Portraits of the Children of the Nobility. Edited

by Mrs. Fairlie. 4to. 31s. 6d. cloth.

A Memoir of the Life and Writings of John

Albert Bengel. By Dr. Burke. Translated

from the German. 8vo. 10s. 6d. cloth. The Infant Saviour, the Ransomed of the Lord,

and the Flying Roll. By the Author of " Elijah the Tish bite." 18mo. Is. 6d.

cloth. Hole's Practical Discourses on the Liturgy.

Edited by the Rev. J. A. Giles. 3 vols. 8vo.

36s. boards. Bentley's Boyle Lectures. (Remarks on Free

Thinking.) Edited by Dyce. 8vo. 14s. Silliman's Consistency of Geology with Sacred

History. fc. 3s. 6d. cloth. Sugden on the Law of Wills. 8vo. 8s. bds. Vocabulary of Egyptian Hieroglyphics. By

Samuel Sharp. 4to. 12s, 6d. boards. Wolff on Auscultation and Percussion.

8vo. 6s, cloth. The Journal and Letters of the Rev. H. Martyn.

Edited by the Rev. W.S, Wilberforce. 2 vols. 8vo,

21s. cloth. Book of Beauty, 1838. 21s. bound. Alison's History of Europe. Vol. VI. 8vo. 158.

boards. Auber's Rise and Progress of the British Power

in India. Vol. II. 8vo. 215. bds. Leithead on Electricity. 12mo. 8s, cloth. Jamieson's Eastern Manners (New Testament),

18mo, 3s. 6d. cloth, Duncan's Sacred Philosophy of the Seasons.

Vol. IV. (Autumn.) fc. 6s. cloth. Head's Home Tour. Vol. II. Post 8vo.

cloth. Russell's Judgment of the Anglican Church.

8vo. 10s. 6d. cloth. Hooker's Icones Plantarum. 2 vols. 8vo. 21. 16s.

cloth. Houd on Warming Buildings by Hot Water. 8vo.

108, 6d. cloth.

The Poetical Works of Richard Llwyd. 12mo.

I os. 6d. cloth. Martin's Colonial Library. 10 vols. fc. 31. Gems of British Poets (Chaucer to Goldsmith).

32mo. 2s.6d, cloth. Gems of British Poets (Sacred). 32mo.

2s. 6d. cloth. Erskine's Doctrine of Election Illustrated. 12mo.

6s. 6d. Poole's Sermons on the Apostles' Creed. 8vo.

108. 6d. Verity on the Nervous System. Royal 12mo.

4s. cloth. Himalayan Landscape Album. 4to. 21. 2s. Markham's Sermons for Children. 38. hf. bd. Furneaux's abridged History of Treaties of

Peace. 8vo. 12s. Beauty's Costumes, 4to. 218. plain, 21. 2s, col. Southey's Poetical Works. Vol. II. 12mo. 59. Riddles's Letter of an Absent Godfather. 12mo.

6s. Companion to Euclid. By a Graduate. fc. 4$. Luther and his Times. By the Rev. J. E. Rid.

dle. fc. 58. Burges's Commentaries on Colonial and Foreign

Laws. 4 vols. royal 8vo. 61. 6s. Nolan's Warburton Lectures. 8vo. 158. Hall's (Bp.) Contemplations. 2 vols. 8vo. 248. Prichard's Physical History of Mankind. Vol. II. 8vo.


9s. 6d.

IN THE PRESS. The Wonders of Geology. By Gideon Mantell,

Esq., LL.D., F.R.S. In one vol. 12mo.

The Rev. Mr. Forster has nearly ready a new

edition of the Life of John Jebb, D.D., F R.S., late Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert, and Aghadoe, with a Selection from his Letters. The two volumes compressed into one volume.


FROM OCTOBER 24, to NOVEMBER 24, 1837.

3 per ct. Consols.

Red. 3 per cent.

Red. 3% per cent.

New 3% per cent.

Long Anns.

Highest.. Lowest...




1011 100$

15 1411-16ths.

Exchequer Bills.

India Bonds,

273 262)

54 pm. 41 pm.

57 pm. 30 pm.





923 913

Anns.,Jan. & July.

Bank Stock.

India Stock.




At the Office of R. W. Moore, 5, Bank Chambers, Lothbury.



Grand Junction Canal Co. 215
Birmingham do.

219 Birmingham & Liverpool do.... 26 Ellesmere and Chester do.

78 Kennet and Avon do.......

25 Leicester and Northampton do. 88 Regent's do ........

Stratford do.
Trent and Mersey do...... 565
Worcester and Birmingham do. 80


12 London & Birmingham Rail-1

148 9.16

way Co. ... 1001. 90l. paid

Great Western do. 1001. p. 557 67 4 Liverpool & Manches. do...... 196 1.5 Grand Junction do.1001.. p.95l. 205 4.10 London Dock do .......

53.10 12 St. Katherine's do.

98 2 West India Dock do.

93 32.10 Atlas Assurance do.

13.15 4 Imperial Fire do......

125 General Steam Navigation do... 22

3 4.10 4.10 12.6 5.7.6 1.6


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The following have been received :—" Katolikoç, " (on the 5th November Services), “ Silur," “ M.," (on the Ember Weeks) “ E. S.," " A Country Curate," “ Clericus," Norfolciensis," “ Amicus Ecclesiæ,” “ Catholicus Anglicanus," " G. C. S.” and “ D. P."

Many thanks for the abstract of “ Pietas Londinensis." C. J. H.” shall hear from the Editor before long.

Other letters and papers have been received, besides that of “ Silur," relative to the Custom of Wakes, or Fairs, which appears to be exciting much attention just now, especially in the County of Hereford. They shall receive due attention as soon as possible.

The letter on “ Altar and Sacrifice” has been unavoidably postponed. A correspondent informs the Editor, that he has before him a copy of the " Treatise of Christian Consolations,” which is there ascribed to Bishop Hacket, as it is also in “ Bromley's Engraved Portraits.”

Will “ H. V. B." look into Events ?

If the angry correspondent from Bradford will look into Events, he will see that his suggestion, as to a reference for information, has been complied with. When persons are very angry, it is of little use to reason with them ; but it may be well to state to him, that the Editor does not collect the Events himself, but that be er. ercises such general superintendence and supervision of them as time will allow. He cannot, of course, always know the character of a paper from which an extract is given. In the present instance the transaction was public, and publicly stated in a newspaper; and as it was traced to temporary alienation of mind, a part of the scandal it might have caused was obviated. Its appearance in this Magazine has drawn forth another account, written in a better spirit, and more authentic. Had the angry person, who does not give his name, sent such an account at first, it would have been gladly printed; but it is impossible that any one person can know the exact circumstances of all events that take place everywhere. It may however, be, confidently stated, that it is the general practice of this Magazine to exclude, where it is practicable, all statements offensive to individuals; and its whole course may be appealed to in confirmation of the statement. If this gentleman would undertake the management of a Magazine for a single month, he would, perhaps, learn to be a little more reasonable in his expectations, something less harsh in his judgments, and rather more charitable in his expression of them. The very best thanks of all parties are, however, due to the correspondent who has kindly furnished the account now given.

“ Monitor" must be under some strange mistake. He either cannot understand a plain statement, or he writes from memory, which is an inconvenient practice, when one begins to reprove others. The Magazine did not promise an additional quantity of letter-press, in consequence of giving up the plates of Parish Churches, with articles relative to matters of interest in those parishes. What was promised was, that the money expended upon engravings should, for the future, be expended in procuring more Revies. “Monitor” will see that the department of Reviews has been increased. He forgets, also, the statement, that this (the “ Parish Churches") was the only department of the Magazine in which the Editor was dis. appointed of a sufficient supply of matter. At the same time, he will be very glad to give insertion to such articles, from time to time, if supplied by those who are able to render them interesting. They are so to himself; and he regrets, as much as “ Monitor," the necessity of discontinuing them.

ERRATA. In the Number for June, 1836, page 696, the name of the Rev. J. Morton, B.D., P. C. of Chorlton cum Hardy, Manchester, was, by mistake, inserted amongst the “ ClergyMEN DECEASED,” instead of being placed under the head of " PREFERMENTS.

In the October Number, page 463, at the end of the announcement of Archdeacon Robinson's appointment to the Lord Almoner's professorship, for “ Oxford" read




p. 442

on, 158

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ditional Curates Fund, xii. 458; Amalga-
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an Error in, xii. 166

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VOL. XII.- Dec. 1837.

5 A

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