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the building is calculated at 3,4601. - Man- queatbed the sum of 80,0001. for the erecchester Courier.

tion of new churches in our large metro. A new Roman-catholic chapel has just polis, wbich has been placed at tbe been opened at Wigton.

disposal of the Bishop of London, under

the control of the Rev. Mr. Dodsworth, LINCOLNSHIRE.

apppointed by the donor trustee of the May 23rd baving been the day ap

gift. In accordance with a wish ex. pointed to present an address to the pressed by the benevolent lady, the erecBishop of Lincoln, on bis Lordship

iion of a new church in the parish of St. resigning the episcopal charge of the

Saviour's, Southwark, will shortly be Huntingdonshire portion of the diocese,

commenced. The present ancient edifice, which has been annexed to the see of

the nave of which, it is hoped, will be Ely, about sixty of the clergymen of the shortly restored by the inhabitants, is county assembled at the George Inn, quite inadequate to accommodate oneBuckden, where they were met by the

tenth of the parishioners of St. Saviour's. Rev. Dr. Hollingworth, the Archdeacon,

We believe ibat ibe ground for the site of and at two o'clock proceeded in a body to

the new church will be presented by Mr. the palace, wbere they were received with

Dots, the opulent vinegar merchant. The urbanity and kindness. The address was

erection of a new church at Stepney buis read by the Archdeacon, and the Bishop been ordered by the Metropolitan Church replied. The visitors afterwards dined Building Committee, and others in St. with his Lordship in the ancient dining- Chelsea, and other parishes, will be shortly

George's East, St. George's, Southwark, room of the palace. The first stone of a new church at

commenced. - Herald. Wragby has been laid, with all due for

SOCIETY For PROMOTING THE EMPLOYmalities : 3,0001. have been subscribed by

MENT OF ADDITIONAL CURATES IN Poruvoluntary contributions for the purpose

LOUS Places. The sum of 30001, and of building and endowing this edifice, all upwards per annum has already been subgiven by the parisbioners of Wragby.

scribed as a permanent fund towards this Lincoln Gazette.


A very handsome subscription bas been MIDDLESEX.

entered into at Uxbridge for the erection The foundation stone of the school. of a new episcopal cburch, on Uxbridge bouse of Marylebone, founded for the re- Moor. The parish church of Hillingdon, ception, education, and support, of 150 and the cbapel of ease at Uxbridge, have girls, daughters of poor settled parishi- not accommodation for more than half the oners, was laid by Lord Kenyon on population.- Morning Post. Thursday the 15th inst.-- Times.

Lord Godolphin bas a bill in the House LIBERAL PRESENT TO BisuoPSGATE of Lords for abolishing the announcement School. _On Monday the 19ıb, the sub. of secular notices in time of divine service. scribers to tbe Ward School of Bishopsgate The Carlton Club bas contributed 2001. dined together, the Lord Mayor in the towards the erection of the new church in chair. Deputy Sir Williain Rawlings, in the populous and exteusive parish of St. the course of the evening, addressed the James's. The dispute among the members Lord Mayor on the subject of the institu- of the United Service Club, respecting the tion. He said he was now in the 87th right of the majority to vote 300l. out of year of his age, and that he could not in the general funds of the Club towards the better terms express bis higli admiration erection of a new church in St. James's, of tbe institution they had assembled to has been decided in favour of the mino. celebrate than by stating, that if the trea- rity; Sir W. Follett, wbose opinion was surer would call upon him the next day, taken upon the matter, baving decided he would put into his hands a transfer for against the vote.- Morning Herald. [At 1,0001, in the three per cent. consols for the Oxford and Cambridge Club a subits benefit.- Il'atchman.

scription-book bas been opened for the MunifiCENT BEQUEST.--We are told furtherance of this desirable object.] that a very splendid grant towards the On Tuesday morning last the Marylefund for providing additional churches in bone parochial charity schools, together the destitute parts of the metropolis and with portions of the children of the sereral its suburbs, bas been lately made. Mrs. national schools, amounting in number to Hindman, wbo during her wbole life was nearly 2,800, attended divine service at much attached to our national religion, the parish church. The Rev. Thomas and felt a deep interest in the spiritual Wharton preached ; Mr. Greatorex prewelfare of her fellow-creatures, bas be. sided at the organ.—Morning Posi.

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On Thursday, the 1st of June, the cha- their great and interesting work. It was rity cbildren belonging to the several further stated, that Western Australia is schools within the bills of mortality visited at present in the state which marks all the catbedral church of St. Paul, attended young colonies, that, with all the difficul. by their rectors, beadles, and other parish ties attending the formation of a new setfunctionaries, for the purpose of bearing tlement, but with a delightful climate to the annual sermon, which was preached by bless their industry, and an almost bound. the Lord Bishop of Chichester, in the pre- less continent to be subdued by them, the sence of the Marquis Camden, the Lord scattered settlers, on the frontier, espeMayor, aldermen, sheriffs, and several of cially, must be left without pastoral in. the nobility and gentry. The numerous struction and public worship but for the assemblage present far exceeded those of missionaries provided for them by this last year. Among those that occupied the society. scarlet seats were many foreign ladies and The second anniversary meeting of the gentlemen, who seemed to take a lively Church Pastoral Aid Society was held at interest in the pleasant scene presented to the Freemasons' Hall, London. The Right their view. Divine service concluded Hon. Lord Ashley, the president of the about balf-past two, after which the chil. society, took the chair. The report read dren proceeded to their separate schools, to the meeting stated that the receipts of and were supplied with a good dinner of the society, for the year ending in March old English fare-plum-pudding and roast last, amounted to 73031. 11s.; but of this beef,- Times.

sum only about 18001. appear as annual On Friday, the 26th of May, his Grace subscriptions. “ The grants of the so. the Archbishop of Canterbury gave a splen- ciety now voted provide for the employdid entertainment to the stewards of the ment of fifty-eight clergymen, and of Anniversary Festival of the Sons of the thirteen lay-assistants; and, relying on Clergy. Amongst the guests were the the continued liberality of the church, the Bishop of Durbam, the Lord Mayor, Lord committee will proceed to make other Bexley, Archdeacon Pott, Mr. John Capel, grants for the same purposes.” The resothe Rev. Dr. Shepherd, and many other lutions were moved by the Bishops of distinguished individuals, clerical and lay. Winchester and Chester, the Rev. ChanThe dinner was served up in the new cellor Raikes, &c.--Salisbury Herald. Gothic hall, the architectural beauty of In the House of Commons, on the 5th of which, and of the other parts of the archi- June, in committee on the Irish poor-laws, episcopal residence, reflects great credit it was resolved that 100 popish priests are upon the taste of the present Archbishop, to be established as chaplains, paid by the who has expended a vast sum of money in state, in the 100 poor-houses which it is effecting improvements.1bid.

proposed by the bill to erect in Ireland. The Archbishop of Canterbury having

The Rev. T. Morell, the Rev. J. Blackexpressed a desire to visit so much of the burn, and Dr. Andrew Reed, bad an in. cburch of St. Saviour's, Southwark, as has

terview with the Chancellor of the Exche. already been restored, including the Ladye

quer on Saturday, on the subject of the Chapel, choir, transepts, and altar screen,

Regium Donum.-Court Circular. the committee for tbe restoration bad the

King's COLLEGE, LONDON. After the honour, on Tuesday the 6th June, of re

late distribution of the medical prizes, a ceiving bis Grace, accompanied by the

dinner was given in the hall of the College Bishops of Wiochester and Killaloe, the

to the Bishop of Chichester, the late PrinEarl of Lonsdale, Lords Skelmersdale and cipal. On this occasion, a splendid canEncombe, the Rev. Dr. Dealtry, Chancel

delabrum was presented to his lordship, as lor of Wincbester, and many of the inhabi. a testimony of grateful regard, from the tants of the parish who had contributed to professors, students, and officers of the the restoration. There was also a nume

College. The pedestal of the candelabrum Tous assemblage of elegantly-dressed ladies. bears the subjoined inscription :His Grace expressed his great satisfaction Reverendo admodum in Christo Patri and deligbt at what be bad witnessed, and

Gulielmo Otter, S. T. P., departed amid the respectful acknowledg

Episcopo Cirestrensi, ments of the visitors. Ibid.

Collegii Regalis apud Londin. nuper Principali, The annual meeting of the Australian

Ob suavissimos mores, Churcb Missionary Society took place at

Verum animi judicium, Exeter Hall, London. Lord Teignmouth

Religionem quam docebat commendantes,

Omnibus carissimo. took the chair. The report wbicb was

Hoc amoris ac pietatis testimonium, read shewed the receipts of the society for

D.D. the year to be 748l., but stated that the so

Ejusdem Collegii Professores ac Alumni. ciety still wanted funds to carry forward


CONFIRMATION.-This interesting cere

OXFORDSHIRE. mony was performed, June the 6th, by RELIGIOUS DestiTUTION IN UPPER the Bishop of London, at Kensington CANADA.-On the 29th of May, a public church, on 347 young persons_viz. 275 meeting was held at the Town Hall, Ox. females and 72 males, belonging to that ford, to detail the actual state of Upper and the adjoining parish of Hammersmith.

Canada, in regard to religious instruction, In the afternoon, bis lordship performed a in connexion with the established church, similar ceremony at the church of St.

The Principal of Magdalen Hall (who was Luke's, Chelsea.

in the chair) opened the proceedings On Monday, the 5th, the Bishop of of the meeting. --The Vice-Chancellor as. London held a public confirmation at the sured the meeting of bis cordial concurparish church of St. George-in-the-East. rence in the object which had brought them Nearly 300 persons were confirmed.

together, and which, with much feeling, The bishop has also held a confirmation

be commended to their consideration. at Trinity Church, Islington.-- Times. The Rev. William Bettridge, B.D., of

PROTESTANT ASSOCIATION.-(From the St. John's College, Cambridge, entered Standard.)-On Saturday, May 22nd, a very fully into the bistory of the church of meeting of the Protestant Association took Canada, from the conquest of the province place at Exeter-hall. The platform was

to the present time. The clergy reserve occupied by a great number of gentlemen question was already explained by him. of respectability and distinction.

Mr. B. passed a merited eulogy on the laAt twelve o'clock precisely the chair bours of the venerable Bishop of Quebec, was taken by J. P. Plumptre, M.P., who

once a Fellow of All Souls', who, with a explained the objects of the association. self-denial rarely equalled, sacrificed a good The Rev. R. M Ghee and the Rev. M. living in Cambridgeshire, and all the prosO'Sullivan, iu speeches of great length pects which nobility of birth and extent of and ability, exposed the real character of interest held out to bim, for the welfare of the religion of the church of Rome.

the destitute settlers in Canada. Twenty Lord Kenyon also addressed the meeting.

years of unceasing labour as a missionary, On May the 31st, a meeting was held at added to his continued exertions during the Hanover-square Rooms, for the pur- his episcopate, have reduced him to å pose of forming an auxiliary to the great state of entire incapacity to prosecute his Metropolitan Protestant Association : Mr.

labour of lore. Mr. B. concluded by Chisholm, M.P., in the chair. A petition some account of instances in which the to the King and both houses of parliament, destitution of spiritual instruction was for the protection of the Protestant religion, lamentably apparent. — After addresses was proposed and unanimously adopted.- from the Rev. D. Cronyn, from the WarHerald.

den of Merton, and the Rector of EseNORTHAMPTONSHIRE.

ter, &c., the meeting concluded. - On SPLENDID MUNIFICENCE.—Mr. Kinners. the whole we may say, few such meet. ley, of Clough Hall, has built, at bis own ings, for numbers and respectability, expense, an elegant church in that parish, bave been seen in Oxford. The collection in which he has placed a fine organ, a exceeded sixty pounds, besides the sums ring of six large bells, and a splendid before contributed, amounting to more painted glass window. He has made than 1001.02 ford Herald. every ng in the church free. This

SOMERSETSHIRE. beautiful building was designed by Mrs. Kinnersley, under whose direction it has

A new gallery bas been added to St.

James's Church, Taunton. been built, without the aid of an architect. The cost to Mr. Kinnersley is 5,5001.- Committee of the Bath and Wells Dio

A Quarterly Meeting of the General Northampton Herald.

cesan Church Building Association was NORTHUMBERLAND,

held at the palace at Wells, on Thursday SABBATH OBSERVANCE.-Numerous and se’nnight. The incumbent of Stoke Lane, respectable meetings of the Newcastle near Shepton Mallet, having been unable Lord's-day Society, have been beld at to raise a sufficient subscription towards Ballast Hills, Gateshead Fell, Bill Quay, rebuilding his parish church, applied to Wallsend, South Shields, and Blaydon, at know whether the committee would conthe whole of which, petitions to parliament firm their grant of 1001., should the dimenwere unanimously adopted. The petition sions of the plan previously approved be of the society from this town received up reduced. As the alteration of the plan wards of 5000 signatures. - Newcastle would occasion the loss of fifty free sittings, Journal.

the committee withheld their sanction from


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the proposed reduction ; but on recon- authorities with the piece of ground on
sidering tbe original application, made an which it is to be erected. — Brighton Ga.
additional grant to the utmost extent of
the general rule they had just established.

The sum of 801., on the like scale, was
voted towards the expense of building a

Mr. Joseph Mills, of Sharncot, in this chapel of ease in the parish of Midsomer county bas new-pewed the church, and Norton. It was stated that the aggregate

furnished a very rich and handsome velvet amount of donations and subscriptions was

cloth for the altar, pulpit, reading-desk,&c., 7505l. 10s. 5 d., but tbat of this sum

at his own expense; and bas, in addition, 2221l. 6s. bas been recorded for specific given a donation of 101. each to the Salispurposes. From an abstract, shewing by bury and Gloucester Church Building whom the total amount had been contri

Societies.-Salisbury Herald. buted, it appeared that 14261. 19s. bad

The mural monument recently erected been given by noblemen and baronets;

in the church of St. Edmund's, to the 31741 1s. 5}d. by other laymen; 4641. by

memory of the lamented Rector, is the ladies; and 22401. by the bishops and

work of Mr. Osmond, whose taste and clergy. Payment was ordered to be made

abilities as a sculptor are manifested in of the sums specifically received for build.

so many similar works in this city. The ing new churches at Burrow-Bridge and

tablet bears the following inscription :Bridgewater. The annual meeting was

" To the memory of the Rev. Herbert appointed to be held, at Wells, on Friday, this church, who, during so long a period,

Hawes, D.D., thirty-four years Rector of the 15th of September.

ably and zealously fulfilled his arduous STAFFORDSHIRE.

duties, and under whose judicious suThe New CHURCH AT STONE.—The en- perintendence, the public business of the dowment for this church was provided by parish was conducted with peculiar and the late Rev. C. Simeon, a short time pre- laudable unanimity. His parishioners, vious to bis death, and is at the disposal honouring his merits and grateful for bis of the Archdeacon of Stafford. A district services, bave dedicated this tablet. He will be assigned to the new church, con- died 17th January, 1837, in the 73rd year taining 2924 souls ; of this number, 1561 of his age.”-Ibid. are at and near the north end of the town. SALISBURY MUNICIPAL CORPORATION. The site is given by Earl Granville in the -At a Meeting of the town council, very heart of the 1561, and lessens the held lately, it was moved by Mr. G. present distance to church of all the re- Atkinson, seconded by Mr. Alderman maining parts of the district, except se- Davies, and resolved unanimously, That venty, by half a mile. It is so near the petitions should be presented to both town that it will remedy the evils arising Houses of Parliament against the profrom the unfortunate system of pew-ap- jected alteration of the law regarding propriation in the mother church.

church-rates ; to the House of Lords by THE COLLEGIATE CHURCH, Wolver- the Earl of Shaftesbury, and to the House RAMPTON.-It is designed to rescue this of Commons by Wadham Wyndham, Esq., beautiful and venerable structure from the M.P.-- Ibid. dilapidated state into which it has fallen, At a vestry-meeting, held on the 15th and with this view the church wardens of June, at Malmesbury, in the Abbey bave published an address, to the nobility, Church, a church-rate was granted, withclergy, and other inhabitants of the town out any opposition. Ibid. and neighbourhood, soliciting their aid to

WORCESTERSHIRE. enable them to accomplish ibeir praiseworthy and desirable object. Wolter- Two new churches are about to be hampton Chronicle.

erected at Dudley. A bazaar has been A church-rate of 3d in the pound was held at Dudley Castle. to raise a sum unanimously granted at Banwell, on Wed- towards the necessary funds.Worcester nesday, May 31st, for the usual current Herald. expenses of the year.— Bristol Mirror. A meeting, to form in this city an

Auxiliary to the Society for promoting SUSSEX.

the due Observance of the Lord's Day, The Earl of Burlington has given the bas been beld in the lecture-room of the munificent sum of 5001. towards liqui. museum, the Rev. Jobn Davies in the dating tbe expenses attending the erection chair. - Ibid. of a new church at Eastbourne. The On Monday, May 29th, the Bisbop of noble Earl has also presented the local Worcester laid the first stone of a new Vol. XII.-July, 1837.


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churcb in the parish of St. Peter's. - Wor- in ecstacies, and read in this act an augury cester Journal.

of how ministers would treat the mother

cburch universally, had they power comYORKSHIRE.

mensurate with their desires.-Ulster We understand tbat it is in contempla

Times. tion to convert the Church Methodist

NATIONAL SCHOOL CONVERTED INTO A Chapel, at Beverley, into an Episcopal Mass-HOUSE.—(From the Dublin Evening Chapel of Ease under the Establishment,

Mail.)-Mr. Anthony Blake is fertile in and that the Archbishop of York has sig.

resources. We therefore submit to him, nified bis approval of the design, and will

in one of bis multifarious capacities, Dameconsent to its consecration. The Vicar of ly, that of commissioner of the National St. Mary's is understood to be opposed to Board of Education, the following case for it, on the ground tbat there is accommo

a plausible solution :_The committee of dation enough in bis parish church. We inquiry is now sitting ; the Bishop of hope, bowever, that all difficulties will be

Exeter is monstrously inquisitive. What amicably overcome, and that, even though

defence our friend Anibony hath be bad not now very pressingly required by the

better betake bimself to; for let bim take population, numerically considered, this

our bonest word for it, this is “a mighty additional pillar of the Established Church ugly business.” We quote from the will not be rejected.-Yorkshire Gasette.

Limerick Standard of Tuesday :-"At a It is with much pleasure we hear that place called Inch St. Lawrence, in the the erection of a church in the neighbour. parish of Cahirconlish, and situated about hood of Gleadless, a populous hamlet in

seven miles from this city, is built a the parish of Handsworth is in contempla- national school on the bounds of the tion. Mrs. Griffiths, of Barnbro' Hall, Roman-catholic chapel-yard. As the near Doncaster, is a most liberal contributor chapel is at present undergoing some retowards the accomplishment of this cbari, pairs, every sabbath and bolyday mass is table design. The land for a site and

celebrated by the sacerdotal of the parish burial ground is given by Hugh Parker,

in the aforesaid national school! If this Esq., of Woodthorpe ; and handsome sube scriptions have been entered into by other lated to shew that those seminaries are

be not a case in point-if it be not calcu. members of the parish.—Sheffield Mercury. for the propagation of popery, and upWe have much pleasure in

tating that held by the government of the country Mr. Hardy, M.P., is about to build, at

for that purpose, and that alone, then are bis own expense, a new church in the

arguments valueless, and reason and comneighbourhood of Shelf,– Leeds Intelli

mon sense of no possible use." gencer.

CHURCHES, IRELAND.-By a return to Mr. Hardy, M. P. for Bradford, has

an order of the House of Commons, it subscribed 1001. for the relief of the dis

appears that the total sum appropriated by tressed poor at that place.

the Ecclesiastical Commissioners to the WALES.

repair, enlargement, and rebuilding of

churcbes in Ireland during the years 1834, Lord John Russell has, on behalf of the

35, 36, and 37, is 224,6231. 10s. 60,Ministers, refused to assent to the requests Ulster Times. of the whole people of Wales, backed by all the Welsh members, without regard to

COLONIAL. politics, that the surplus funds of the

The Right Rev. Daniel Corrie, Lord Welsh bishoprics, arising out of Welsh lands and tithes, sbould be applied to the

Bishop of Madras, died on the morning of

the 15th instant. His Lordship's illness increase of the stipends of poor benefices,

had been coming on from the time be was and to the religious instruction of the peo

at Hydrabad, in October, wben be first ple of the principality. The determined complained of a pain in his head. On refusal of this request by the ministers, Tuesday, the 31st of January, he attended bas created a feeling of vexation amongst a meeting of the S. P. G., and before all classes of the Welsh.- North Wales taking the chair, was seized with violent Chronicle.

illness. He returned bome immediately, IRELAND.

but the remedies applied were unavailing. A new church has just been opened at The disease gained ground until, on the Kilmena, Ireland.- Dublin Pilot.

morning of the 5th of the month, at half. Lord Palmerston has endowed the past three o'clock, he passed, without sufpopish priest of Abamlish, Sligo, on bis fering or pain, from a sabhath of grace lordship's estate, with twelve acres of to a sabbath of glory.- Calcutta paper, choice land as a glebe. The papists are Feb. 16.

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