Description of the Picture, Christ Healing the Sick in the Temple, Painted by Benjamin West, Esq., President of the Royal Academy: And Presented by the Author to the Pennsylvania Hospital

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S. W. Conrad, 1817 - 13 من الصفحات
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الصفحة 1 - And when the chief priests and scribes saw the wonderful things that he did, and the children crying in the temple, and saying, "Hosanna to the Son of David," they were sore displeased and said unto him, "Hearest thou what these say?
الصفحة 4 - ... inside view of the Temple, where, in the sanctuary, the seven branched candelabrum burns with lamps, conveys the roving eye to a glance at the gate called Speciosa, so well represented in one of the cartoons ; young Levites, boys crying " Hozanna," and other figures of less import in the demijour, fill up the intervals, without crowding, and direct our attention to a more interesting part of the picture. On the left side of the canvas, an elderly woman, distorted by complicated disease, is brought...
الصفحة 3 - ... who view the Messiah with involuntary wonder and mortal jealousy. These groups are disposed with great judgment, and afford to each other a proper help in the general system of light and shade, in the whole piece. They undulate before the eyes, like distant hills in the glow of a summer evening, and the pleasing vapour which circulates around them, produces the most correct aerial perspective. In the group of the apostles, which serves as a...
الصفحة 7 - ... hardly excusable faults are to be found. The last group (which, if we consider its high importance as an integral part of the whole, we have but slightly sketched) constitutes, with the person of Christ, the entire subject : all the rest is accessary. No episode, no digression is idly introduced which might detract in the least from the full attention of the beholder; and, although the son of God appears to feel for all the sufferers who surround him and entreat his benevolent attention to their...
الصفحة 2 - Before we enter into the particulars, let us observe, generally, that, on ;IH area of about one hundred and sixty square feet, the eye meets between fifty and sixty figures, all finished after living models, and that this picture possesses that uncommon felicity of subject which must be pleasing to all Christians, whatever may be the difference of their worship.
الصفحة 4 - Roman soldiers, whose sturdy mien aud military dress contrast excellently with, and set off, the pallid face and emaciated limbs of the sufferer, as well as the beautiful and most lovely features of her distressed daughter. In front of this affecting group a Centurion is in the act of ••• kneeling : his attitude, the anatomical merit of his figure, and the classical correctness of his costume, deserve our unfeigned admiration. He expresses what he feels, and appears to feel the most profound...
الصفحة 3 - Apostles, which serves as a hack ground to the principal figure, and is made up with uncommon discernment, John, on the right hand of his master, Peter, Matthew, and several others on the left, are most conspicuous. The beloved disciple is represented here young, amiable, and pensive, as we constantly find him in religious compositions.
الصفحة 3 - Jesus, we remark, as a prominent feature in this group, a very handsome young woman, who seems to have lost her sight by a dreadful disorder in her brain. The white band, and the hand of the...
الصفحة 4 - ... with a look full of malice, has been mistaken for the traitor Judas ; but the painter had too correct a conception of his subject to bring forward such a hideous character. Fear and cowardice are fit companions for conscious guilt, and Mr. West has most appropriately placed Iscariot in the background, lurking behind the two Apostles who are beyond the blind man, and darting, slyly, through the crowd, a glance full of malignity, perfidy, and treason, at the divine prototype of goodness, truth...
الصفحة 9 - ... transitus ipse tarnen spectantia lumina fallit : usque adeo quod tangit idem est ; tarnen ultima distant, illic et lentum filis inmittitur aurum, et vêtus in tela deducitur argumentum.

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