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The Original Methodists' Record:


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WE saw the commencement of 1852,-watched its progress,—and have out-lived its exit. As it has steadily, silently, and unceasingly moved in its onward course, it has left the impress of its footsteps behind it in such a way as to connect the past with the future.

One of the most astonishing events of modern times has occurred in a great neighbouring nation. Its Republic Institutions, established apparently by a people determined to be free, have all been overthrown by a wild adventurer-an outcast from respectable society; and he has succeeded, by treachery and violence, in placing himself on a throne as absolute and despotic as that of the Autocrat of Russia. What influence this may have upon the future, none can clearly foresee: but, judging from the aids (priests and soldiers) which he has been very solicitous to engage in his favour, the probabilities are opposed to the general interests of the great human family; but we have no hesitation in risking an opinion that sooner or later he will be hurled from that throne as suddenly and as violently as he climbed to it.

Another great event of the Year was the displacing of a Free-Trade Government in our own country, to make way for a Protectionist Ministry. This was looked upon by many, at the moment, as a national misfortune; but probably nothing else could have converted the men who now hold the reins of government into Free-Traders. They would, but for this circumstance, have continued opposers and obstructors, but now they are fairly enlisted in the ranks of progression. But, as a Government they have been suddenly overthrown; and we hope a stronger, and one more in accordance with the wishes of the people and the spirit of the age, will be formed. Thus that which we feared as a curse, may ultimately become a blessing.


Religion occupies much the same position as it did twelve months Roman Catholicism grows daily more disgusting in the eyes of a lightened and unprejudiced men; while at the same time she to her old evils as tenaciously as ever, and has in the last year unmistakable evidence of her continued sanguinary disposition.

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The National Church of England, officials, in a distracted and divided state; not a few of her dign assuming from time to time more and more of the appearan Popery, even to the setting up that foundation of all evil in the C of Rome-the blasphemous confessional; while we would fain that what are the Evangelical Clergy are making some progress right direction.

We fear that the Dissenters generally are fast sinking into a n and formal religion; many of their ministers publicly advocatin patronizing fashionable games and foolish amusements, to the dest of personal piety and experimental religion. We lament that o spectable denomination has, in its last connexional year, lost members; and we fear many of them are entirely lost to the on earth-we wish they may be found in the Church in heaven.

We rejoice that Free Gospelism still progresses, both in our ov other similar bodies, which causes many money-bought ministers alarmed, conceiving their craft to be in danger, and they are their spleen in various places, and in different ways; but if our bers, leaders, preachers, and Sabbath-school teachers are true to selves and the cause they have espoused, it will continue to pro

We cannot conclude these Thoughts upon the Year so recently without paying a passing tribute to departed excellence. In the of the year, two pre-eminently great men have left our world, and upon an unseen and eternal state of existence. One is Hugh great as the principal founder of the Primitive Methodist Con of whose life and character we shall probably give a few sketch future Number. The other is His Grace the Duke of Well great as a British Commander, both in India, Portugal, and We remember him as Sir Arthur Wellesley, as Lord, Marquis Marshal, and the Duke of Wellington. We well remember th when we were looking for his Dispatches with considerable

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