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highly favoured by Almighty God, and nothing beyond this. Acts ii. 22. xvii. 3, 31. Christ also speaks of himself, as having been a man, and nothing more. Acts xxii. 8.


15th, This Epistle begins with declaring Christ to have been a mortal man, but invested with extraordinary powers from God; and so continues through


1 Corinthians.

Throughout this Epistle Christ is spoken of as no other than a human being; the great prophet and lawgiver of the christian church; who suffered death for the truth, but was soon raised to an immortal life, as a pledge to his followers of their being also raised from the grave in their appointed time. And the Apostle in one place expressly declares, that Jesus Christ was equally a man as Adam was. xvi. 21.

2 Corinthians.

17, No one can read this Epistle, but must see that God is one single person; and Christ his great prophet, and lawgiver of his church, and the appointed future judge of all.


18th, Of all the Epistles of Saint Paul, there is none in which he is so full and particular in describing our Lord as a human being, like others of mankind, as in this to the Hebrews: viz. that he was equally mortal; was placed here upon his trial, as we are; and disciplined and made perfect thereby. ii. 9, 10, 14, 18. iv. 15. v. 7, 8, 9. xii. 2.

1 Peter.

19th, It is not possible to read this Epistle without seeing, that Jesus Christ is as distinct from God, as a creature subject to death can be from its Creator. But then it also appears that the blessed Jesus had been one highly distinguished by

Almighty God, and designed before his birth to fill a most important station in the moral world, to promote the virtue and happiness of the whole human race, by his divine instructions and exemplary holiness, fortitude and integrity, in dying in the cause of truth. i. 19, 20, 21: iv. xi. v. 10, 11.

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